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Filial Therapy

Your involvement is more important than you might think as the healing that starts with JWL Therapy needs to continue at home.

Filial Therapy is an intervention with wide applicability for children with social, emotional and behavioural problems stemming from a variety of sources. It uses a psychoeducational intervention.

The therapist teaches, supervises, and empowers parents in the conduct of child-centred play sessions with their children.

Filial Therapy is useful for families experiencing significant problems as well as families who simply want to improve their relationships. The therapy has the added advantage of being an enjoyable experience for the children, their parents, and the therapist!

Filial therapy is a flexible approach that responds to the particular needs of the children and their families.

At JWL Therapy the significant adults learn how they can build on their therapy
sessions, to strengthen the impact of the therapy. You play a key role in building on your child’s progress.

Filial play therapy helps children improve their problem-solving skills, increases their self-esteem and enables them to communicate more effectively.

As the child’s parent or carer, you and your child can go on to develop a healthier, more robust relationship.

Some ways you can help is by:
· Being supportive and encouraging about their sessions
· Ensuring they attend regularly
· Not pressuring them to tell you what they did in therapy
· Avoiding using the words ‘good’ or ‘bad’
· Sharing any concerns or comments with me away from their session so the time is
focused on your child.