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About us

  • Welcome to my JWL play space!

    The JWL passion to support families to thrive through adversity and trauma.

    I am Sandhya Saldanha your Play Therapist and Filial Therapist. 

    My compassion for helping children and their families comes through my own life.

    experiences and from the support “My People” who cared about me.

    I have been supporting children and their families for over thirty years initially as a teacher in schools and now through Jeeva Wellness Limited in Cardiff, providing professional therapy services for children, young people and families in South Wales.
    My playfulness and genuine interest in people make me approachable. My desire to solve problems wants me to understand the problems people have and support them in finding solutions. And what better way to do this than play!

    My own life experiences invite me to train in art, ceramic work, and Yoga. All of these inspire me and show in my work with children and their families. I look forward to work and play with you soon!

    Playfully Yours,

    JWL supports  
    • Children and Young People with behavioural and emotional challenges
    • Caregivers of children with behavioural and emotional challenges
    • Adoptive parents/adoption agencies
    • Foster carers/fostering agencies
    • Social services
    • Children and Family Services
    • Educational psychologists
    • GPs
    • Schools and nurseries
    • Third-sector organisations working with women, children & families.
    • Children’s charities

    Why work with JWL?

    JWL therapy works holistically with caregivers and young people by using the approaches that would best suit the emotional needs of the young person. We could use individual therapy with the young person to explore and support in resolving their emotional needs while working with caregivers through reviews, and resources.

    Clients say they feel comfortable with us, which is important as therapy can be daunting.

    You can expect a warm and friendly therapist. With an empathetic approach, we have already had many successes with children coping with the effects of past adversity and trauma in their lives.

    I offer an engaging and creative form of therapy that takes the attention away from your child’s troubles and the therapist. Instead, they can explore their troubles feeling safe. It’s important we work together. We support parents, grandparents and carers who are vital to the ultimate success of the therapy.


    The caregivers and JWL Therapy together support the young person in the best possible way. You will learn the skills to take their therapeutic progress further and to be able to enjoy life with your troubled youngster. We will support you.
    Using the principles of Play Therapy and Filial Therapy caregivers are offered the skills and knowledge to become attuned to the needs of the young person and help their emotional transformation. This is beneficial to parents and carers and those working with children and their families.

    How I work

    The seemingly fun and imaginative sessions I offer help to create a calm atmosphere where you, your child and I develop a relationship built on respect, empathy, and consistency. From here trust will grow and progress can be made. I make sure my young clients feel comfortable and encourage them to engage in a therapeutic relationship.

    After our chat at the Initial Carer Meeting, we have an idea on the support needed, whether it is through Play Therapy or Filial Therapy. A short assessment will identify any further therapeutic support needed.

    Emotional work cannot be rushed. Every child and every family have their own rhythm and the therapeutic support aligns to that need. Caregivers will learn the skills to support and will gain confidence through insight to help your child through their emotional challenges. Caregivers will become more attuned to their emotional needs by being part of the therapeutic process.

    Therapy is serious and play is meaningful, when they are put together it enables children and young people to be more confident as they manage difficult life situations in a playful manner.

    My Qualifications

    • MSc Play Therapy
    • BA Psychology (Hons)
    • Diploma Childhood Education (Dip ECCE)
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Education Management

    Therapy Training

    • MSc. Play Therapy (University of South Wales)
    • Intensive Postgraduate Filial Therapy Training (Family Enhancement and Play
    • Therapy (Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Centre Inc, Pennsylvania)
    • Theraplay Level 1 (The Theraplay Institute, Illinois)
    • Group Theraplay (The Theraplay Institute, Illinois)
    • Mindfulness-based Sand Tray Work with Teens and Adults (Family and Play Therapy Centre, Philadelphia)
    • Tele-Play Therapy (Children’s Therapy Centre, Ireland)
    • Play Therapy in the Outdoors (Phoenix Play Therapy, Creative Training)
    • Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Life Story Work in The Rose Model (Therapeutic Life Story Work International, UK)
    • Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Sanatan Ashram, Wales)